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HMRC glitch for Direct Debit payments

Following a weekend during which a VAT deadline fell, we have been made aware of a glitch in HMRC’s system when it comes to those who pay via Direct Debit.

They define a Direct Debit as a ‘request for payment’, which may or may not proceed. This is why payment isn’t actually taken until 10th-12th of the month despite a Direct Debit being set for the 7th.

For this reason, your VAT bill will automatically have interest added as a result of late payment, should you pay by Direct Debit.

We have liaised with HMRC on behalf or our clients to ensure that this interest is then removed as soon as payment is received, which they have confirmed is the case.

Please note that this interest is not the result of any missed deadlines on our part, simply an automated feature of HMRC’s system.

We recommend that each client paying by Direct Debit checks the removal of the interest via Gateway.

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