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Virtual Cabinet

When we need you to sign off important documents, until now realistically, post is the only option. This process is slow, manual, certainly not controlled or audited and sometimes unreliable. By using the portal the process is automated, hassle-free and secure for our clients. This new automated way of doing business for Davies Tracey means we can offer greater efficiencies to our clients- all at the touch of a button. But that doesn’t mean that we loose the personal touch to our service that so many clients have enjoyed over the years- we value those relationships and will continue to operate with the same personal values of looking after clients’ interests, we now have the technology to enable us to do it better.

Virtual Cabinet enables us to publish documents to an individual notifying them via an email address. The document is securely uploaded to a hosted environment (or the ‘Cloud) and an email notification sent to the relevant individual in a business or a private client, advising them that there is a document for their attention. You will be able to access and view documents published to you via the portal website. Shortly after this secure publication release, clients using the portal will be able to approve, change the status of, or respond, to portal documents. This rapidly becomes second nature allowing digital/electronic signatures to enhance the process we undertake for sign off of important documents.

All Davies Tracey clients will be given access to the Virtual Cabinet portal – if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact Us

Key facts

  • Secure Document Delivery
  • The document itself is held in a secure environment where only our clients can gain access to it, ie not just another mail box
  • Ownership of the document is maintained throughout the process.
  • You can prove that the published document is the correct, agreed document, knowing that the document is the same as that in the VC system – proof of original
  • Each document is given a GUID (Global Unique IDentifier) which helps us for auditing purposes.
  • Virtual Cabinet lets us know that you have viewed your document, enabling us to prompt in due course for any action required.


  • Saves time for clients
  • Provides an efficient, state-of-the-art experience
  • Your documents are completely secure
  • The process is totally automated- easy to access and simple to use
  • All documents are completely traceable
  • Full auditing and compliance is enabled meaning we provide the highest standards for our clients

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